[ISPReview] French Court Deals Blow to Three-Strikes Anti-Piracy Measures

The French proposed "Three-Strikes" initiative (HADOPI), which would have seen illegal broadband file-sharers being disconnected from their ISP for repeat activity following a warning, has been dealt a serious blow by the highest jurisdiction in France - The Constitutionnal Council. [...]

La Quadrature du Net's Jérémie Zimmermann said: "This is a great victory for citizens who proved they can altogether act to protect their Freedom. HADOPI's 'three strikes' is finally buried. All we have now is a big tax-sponsored spam machine for the entertainment industries. But this is not the end of Sarkozy's will to control the Internet. The next law, LOPPSI, is already on tracks and will be about filtering the content on the Internet. Citizens must celebrate this great victory but remain watchful..."