[EUobserver] EU telecoms bill compromise may still threaten French internet law

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - A second attempt by the French government to push through its "three-strikes" bill to crack down on internet piracy may yet fall afoul of European Union rules, following an ambiguous compromise agreed between the European Parliament and EU member states on a piece of telecoms legislation. Paris is confident that it can move ahead, while others believe to do so establishes grounds for the European Commission to begin legal action against France. [...]

French lawmakers are not expected to be caught out to lunch a second time and will likely approve the re-introduced law sometime in May. [...]

The Pirates are coming : In Sweden, a new political grouping whose platform focuses on internet freedoms, the Pirate Party, is vacuuming up the votes of young people and is on course to win at least one seat in the June elections. [...]

La Quadrature du Net, an internet-freedom pressure group prominent in campaigning against the three-strikes bill argues that the French law "remains as contradictory" to the compromise as it was to the original amendment. However, the group also thinks that there is sufficient ambiguity that now a lengthy court case will be required to prove that it does not respect the right to due process.