[Telerama] Glenn Greenwald : “I intend to publish Edward Snowden’s documents to the very last”

From the morros of Rio de Janeiro, Glenn Greenwald, 46, has been publishing his revelations on a daily basis for five months. The former lawyer and blogger turned combat journalist for The Guardian eventually became a media superstar. Edward Snowden, the former NSA analyst, provided him with the documents which help him reveal how the most secret of intelligence agency is spying on the world. [...]

"The majority hasn’t been reported yet. [...] there are some elements about what the NSA collect and how they do it that are going to be shocking. I’m sitting on this pile of documents, and each of them is newsworthy." [...]

"When you create such a situation, where you can only be a whistleblower if you’re willing to risk decades in prison, if not life, less and less people will do it. Despite this deterrence strategy, Snowden saw everything that happened to Manning and still, he went for it. There’s some kind of contagiousness of courage, and whistleblowers tend to inspire other people to become one. It’s a process the government almost can’t stop." [...]