[Techdirt] European Court Of Human Rights Fast-tracks Case Against GCHQ; More Organizations Launch Legal Challenges To UK Spying

The European Court of Human Rights has fast-tracked "a legal action that a group of digital rights activists had brought against GCHQ, alleging that the UK's mass online surveillance programs have breached the privacy of tens of millions of people across the UK and Europe." [...]

Any hopes the UK government may have had that the case would amble slowly through the legal system until people had forgotten about it have now been dashed. [...]

"Nor is this the only legal challenge to GCHQ's activities. [...] Amnesty International [is] using the UK's Investigatory Powers Tribunal to argue that spying on communications breaches the UK's Human Rights Act." Two other groups, Privacy International, from the UK, and Bytes for All, from Pakistan, joined them.