Work accomplished in 2008-2010

While defending fundamental rights on the Internet, La Quadrature du Net took the lead in the fight against the French 'three strikes' law (HADOPI) and managed to carry a strong message beyond media buzz and governmental propaganda.
Black Out
More than 2 million webpages took part in the HADOPI Black-Out, an operation showcasing the French web stakeholders' opposal to the 'three strikes' law.
La Quadrature du Net is part of a global movement of opposition to the ACTA agreement, which intends to circumvent democratic processes to turn Internet intermediaries into a private copyright police. Our actions: leaked versions of the text, analysis and getting MEPs involved, in particular through the “written declaration 12”.
Net neutrality
La Quadrature du Net contributed to initiate the public debate on the question of Net neutrality in Europe and in France, in order to make this crucial subject for the future of the Net and our freedoms a major political issue.
Paquet Télécom
Throughout “Telecom Package” European directives review, La Quadrature du Net, along with its European supports, put the question of fundamental freedoms a the heart of the debate, most notably with the adoption of the amendement 138.
Mémoire Politique
Mémoire Politique (Political Memory) is one of the citizen participation tools developed by La Quadrature du Net. It allows citizens to easily get to know their elected representatives and follow their votes on key topics. It also enables citizens to easily contact elected representatives in order to inform them on specific issues.

FAQ: frequently asked questions

Where will my money go?

Forecasted Budget for 2011: 147 K €

Useful figures:

  • Full-time salary : Coordinator and Spokesperson 44 K €, annual, including charges
  • Full-time salary: Policy and Legal Analyst 35 K €, annual, including chargesécrire
  • Half-time salary: Campaign Manager 17 K €, annual, including charges
  • Transport & Expenses Budget : 33 K €
  • Experts & Others Budget : 18 K €

A report of La Quadrature du Net's 2010 financial year as well as other information on La Quadrature du Net funding are available on this FDN blog page (in French).

I don't have any money, how can I help La Quadrature du Net?

Spread the word about this campaign! By speaking up social networks, on blogs, or telling people around you in everyday life about the importance of La Quadrature's actions and how they can be a part of them, you can help us. This support is vital, as La Quadrature can only exist through the citizens who share our commitment.

You can also support La Quadrature du Net day after day by getting involved.

Financial donations help la Quadrature work on a day-to-day basis by paying for its fulltime members salaries, costs and such, but la Quadrature would be nothing without the people who give their time, skills and energy to support its actions and make them their own.

You can help us by learning more about the issues we work on, by helping us get the message across, telling people about the issues that concern us and in many other different ways.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to find a way to contribute which suits you!

Who supports La Quadrature du Net?

Several NGOs support La Quadrature, as well as many individuals who have made a donation and wish to be listed publicly.

Can I make a donation through PayPal?

We do not recommend using PayPal for donations, for ethical reasons (their actions against WikiLeaks, among others) and because of the overtly expensive costs incurred. Nevertheless, if it is your only option, you may use the following account:

Can I make a donation by check?

Yes. To donate by check, stop the payment procedure just after you click on the “I support La Quadrature du Net” button. Once you reach the donation summary, do not click on the “proceed with your payment” button.
Instead, make note of the support number you are given and send your check to the following address:

Payable to: FDNN
Address: FDNN, 16 rue de Cachy, 80090 Amiens
Important note: Please write down the support reference number that you are given after you post the form on the back of your check in order to allow us to find you easily.

FDNN (Fonds de Défense de la Net Neutralité, “Net Neutrality Defense Fund”), is the organisation which manages La Quadrature du Net's accounts.

Can I make a donation through money transfer?

Sure! You need to transfer your donation to FDNN's bank account (FDNN takes care of La Quadrature du Net's accounts) using the following details.

Transfer from abroad: IBAN: FR76 1027 8060 3100 0203 2270 187
You can also download the particulars of FDNN's bank account.

Important note: Please quote your support reference number as your transfer's comment (this number appears once you validate the donation form) so we can send you your pi decimals or other goodies.

Can I make a donation in Bitcoins?

Yes! La Quadrature has a Bitcoin wallet, so you can make a donation using Bitcoins, a decentralised peer-to-peer virtual currency.
To do so, once you reach the donation summary, do not click on the “proceed with your payment” button, and make your donation through Bitcoin by your own means instead.

La Quadrature wallet id id: 126gkjYAmg2Tq7P3MFmBGnCsrnZytYwJEc

Given how uncommon this type of donation is (so far), our system does not consider potential goodies associated with your donation.

Please contact us by e-mail to let us know of your donation, quoting your support number, we will try to send you a few stickers should your donation be around 10 BC. (Given how volatile BC is, this number may change, just send us an e-mail.)

Can I make a donation via Flattr?

Yes! If you'd like to support la Quadrature via Flattr, you can simply flatter this page, or any of the site's articles.

Flattr is a great way to support us, but as a Flattr is quite small, please don't hesitate to flatter our articles to your heart's content.


Flattr also offers the possibility to make larger donations, which offers an interesting alternative to PayPal.
To make a donation to La Quadrature du Net via Flattr, please use the form on this page. As Flattr donations are anonymous, we will not be able to send you your goodies, unless you let us know in advance by email ( the amount you plan to give in your donation, for instance.

I sent my check a few days ago and still have no news about it.

Do not worry! To minimise the time we spend processing checks, these are processed in batch. You should receive your pi digits (and other gifts according to your donation) within a few days.

Can I support La Quadrature du Net by buying a t-shirt?

La Quadrature du Net does not sell t-shirts. The only way to support la Quadrature du Net (financially) is to make a donation. Of course, you can also help and support la Quadrature in other ways, by helping out for instance. Selling t-shirts would require a lot of time and effort and would probably mean hiring someone in order to make anything substantial from it. It would not be worth it. The pi-shirts are but a (small) gift from la Quadrature to show its gratitude and thank its most generous benefactors.

I want one of the amazing limited edition t-shirts, how can I get it?

The collector's edition t-shirts will be unlocked once a certain number of donations is reached: 150 one-time donations of more than 100€ for one, and 100 sustainable donations of more than 15€ per month for the other. Once we reach these numbers, our generous supporters will get their limited edition t-shirt.

When will I get my shirt?

For logistical reasons, the t-shirts are sent in batch. This may take a while, sometimes up to a couple months. Please forgive us for this delay.

I have another question about the pi-shirt.

Please get in touch with us through e-mail (contact at for any specific requests.

Is my support tax-deductible?

Not at the moment. We are looking into a way of making this possible, but not for current donations.

I need a receipt or an invoice for my donation.

We can send you a receipt for accounting purposes. Please contact us by email (contact AT

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Like Richard Stallman I support La Quadrature du Net. Do you?

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