[PublicKnowledge] French Three Strikes Law Struck Down, Internet Access Declared a Human Right

Word came through the grapevine today that France's "three strikes" HADOPI law has been struck down by the French Constitutional Council. While this is fantastic news, it's not exactly surprising--until this point, the constitutionality of the law had remained an open question. What's more, even if the law had survived the French Constitutional Council's scrutiny, it most certainly would have attracted the attention of the European Union, who in October of last year, passed an amendment prohibiting member states from implementing three strikes regimes. Luckily, the French Constitutional Council sided with the EU Parliament, going so far as to cite the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, a founding document of the French Revolution [...]

Still, as Jérémie Zimmermann from La Quadrature du Net warns, Sarkozy might only be getting started when it comes to pushing the content industry's agenda. "The next law, LOPPSI, is already on tracks and will be about filtering the content on the Internet," Zimmerman writes. "Citizens must celebrate this great victory but remain watchful..."