Press review about ACTA

[Europa] Update on ACTA's referral to the European Court of Justice

Today, the European Commission has taken the next step in the important process of referring the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) to the European Court of Justice (ECJ). By agreeing on the legal submission to be put before the ECJ, the Commission aims to respond to the wide-ranging concerns voiced by people across Europe on what ACTA is about and whether it harms fundamental rights in any way. [...]

[Español] [Alt1040] Calderón se compromete con Obama a reformar leyes mexicanas para cumplir con los estándares de ACTA

El día de ayer los presidentes del bloque NAFTA, formado por Estados Unidos, Canadá y México se reunieron en Washington. [...]

En México, ACTA no ha sido firmada debido al contundente rechazo por parte de los ciudadanos y quienes lograron explicar con argumentos a sus representantes el por qué México no debe unirse a dicho tratado. Ambos, el Senado y el Congreso mexicano, votaron resoluciones en contra de la ratificación del tratado en caso de que fuera firmado.[...]

[ZDNet] ACTA to see Euro vote in June as delay averted

The European Parliament rejection or approval of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is now back on the fast track, after a key committee decided not to delay matters by referring the copyright treaty to Europe's top court. [...]

The various political groupings represented in INTA had differing reasons for voting as they did, the European Parliament said in a statement on Wednesday morning. [...]

[EuObserver] MEPs to vote on Acta before summer

MEPs in the parliament's trade committee Tuesday (27 March) rejected a proposal to refer Acta to the European Court of Justice, meaning the controversial anti-counterfeit treaty is set to be voted on before summer.

Deputies rejected the court proposal by a large majority of 21 to five. Immediately after the vote the centre-left Socialist group and the Greens indicated their intention to reject the treaty. [...]

[TheRegister] European Parliament votes against ACTA legal review

The European Parliament (EP) has voted overwhelmingly not to refer the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) for judicial review, but instead to strike while the iron is hot and vote on the treaty this June. [...]

[V3.Co.Uk] EU Parliament votes against delaying ACTA decison

In a 21 to five vote, the European Parliament's international trade committee ruled not to stall the final decision on the controversial anti-couterfeiting proposal. The decision has since been welcomed by activist groups.

"[Today's vote] demonstrates a growing understanding of ACTA's issues by a wide range of MEPs, and an ability to avoid the procedural traps set up by the EU Commission and some pro-ACTA MEPs," said Philippe Aigrain, co-founder of citizens group La Quadrature du Net.

[ComputerActive] European Parliament to rule on anti-counterfeiting trade deal

Following a majority vote against sending ACTA for legal scrutiny, the European Parliament's decision was welcomed by La Quadrature du Net.

The European Parliament has decided not to send the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) for legal scrutiny in the European Court of Justice. [...]

This decision will please online advocacy group La Quadrature du Net which has been actively campaigning against the secretive agreement.

[TheInquerer] European Parliament votes against submitting ACTA for court review

IN A VOTE TODAY the European Parliament decided not to submit the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) treaty to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for review. Instead it will rule on ACTA itself.

[...] This is good news, since la Quadrature Du Net has suggested that the ECJ's involvement would have delayed ACTA consideration for 18 months. The advocacy group said earlier that the involvement of the ECJ was a delaying tactic that the debate over ACTA could do without [...]

[ItWorld] EU Parliament to vote on ACTA without waiting for a court decision

Campaigners against ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) are hailing as a success the decision by the European Parliament's trade committee not to refer the deal to the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

The committee on Tuesday rejected a plan to send the proposed accord to the E.U.'s highest court by 21 votes to five. This means that the proposed deal could be put before the whole Parliament as soon as June, avoiding a possible delay of about 18 months for a court decision.

[SlashDot] Senator Wyden Demands ACTA Goes Before Congress

"As recently covered here, EU countries are starting to drop ACTA support. Now, long-time opponent of the secretly negotiated Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, Sen. Ron Wyden introduced an amendment to a Senate 'jobs bill' that would force ACTA to come before Congress for approval. [...]

[TechDirt] German Gov't Uses Anger Over Lack Of ACTA Transparency To Justify Further Lack Of Transparency

Even though the ACTA text is now finalized, getting details from national governments about what exactly happened during the negotiations is proving extremely difficult, with information still trickling out slowly.

[EuObserver] EU commission admits mistake on Acta

The European Commission has said it was surprised by the scale of opposition to a global anti-counterfeit treaty, having underestimated the power of social media to mobilise protesters. [...]

“What is the power of the people? We saw it recently here in January and February when we suddenly realised that, in spite of the freezing temperatures, we had thousands of people in different squares in Europe protesting against Acta." [...]

[ArsTechnica] Sen. Wyden demands vote on American copyright, patent treaties

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) is a long-time opponent of the secretly negotiated Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Today he introduced an amendment to a Senate "jobs bill" that would force ACTA to come before Congress for approval. A second amendment would make the US Trade Representative, which negotiates US trade deals, drop the veil of secrecy around its copyright and patent negotiations. [...]

[DewereldMorgen] Polen voert Europees verzet tegen antipiraterijverdrag aan

Tienduizenden Europeanen kwamen afgelopen weekend op straat om te protesteren tegen ACTA, een omstreden handelsverdrag tegen piraterij en namaakproducten. Na Polen aarzelen nu ook andere Centraal-Europese landen en zelfs Duitsland om het verdrag te ratificeren.

[TechDirt] European Commission Blames Social Networks For ACTA Failure; Worried About Its Imminent Directive On Copyright Enforcement

Now that the EU's ratification of ACTA has departed from the original script of everyone just waving it through, the European Commission is clearly trying to come up with Plan B. Some insights into its thinking can be gained from the minutes (pdf) of a recent Commission meeting, pointed out to us by André Rebentisch. [...]

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