Press review about ACTA

[TheTyee] What's Fake about Canada's Anti-Counterfeiting Bill

Bill C-56 seems natural to support on surface but hides dangerous measures. [...]

The substance of the bill is cause for concern, yet what has many up in arms is that the bill signals Canada intention to implement ACTA. [...]

[NationalPost] Is Internet piracy treaty ACTA, which inspired street protests in Europe, going to get quietly passed in Canada?

Last summer, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, more popularly known as ACTA, was voted down by the EU Parliament. The treaty, which was meant to streamline and standardize intellectual property laws across global jurisdictions was widely fought against by activists and protestors as an invasion of privacy and freedoms of speech. [...]

[RussiaToday] Paving way for ACTA? Canada considers anti-counterfeit bill encouraged by US

Canada has introduced a bill strongly resembling the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement (ACTA), prompting speculation that authorities were prepared to ratify the notorious legislation. [...]

According to Ottawa, Bill C-56 or Combating Counterfeit Products Act, is aimed at countering harmful counterfeiting activities, much like the international ACTA treaty. [...]

The bill has raised fears that Canada may be preparing to ratify ACTA. Washington has recently encouraged Ottawa to comply with the notorious agreement. [...]

[TheInquirer] Digital liberties group wants to shine a light on all ACTA and TAFTA discussions

There are move afoot in Sweden that could shine a light on the murky dealings that surround anti-counterfeiting trade agreements.

Linus Nordberg, a Swedish advocate and developer for Tor, and representative of the Föreningen för digitala froch rättigheter (DFRI), or the Association for Digital Liberties, has sent a letter to the president of the European Parliament in which he asks for clarity over ACTA treaties and a full release of documents. [...]

[SPIEGEL ] European Activists Could Thwart US-EU Trade Deal

Consumer watchdogs, Internet activists and European farmers are gearing up to fight the planned trade agreement between Europe and the United States. Many in Europe are worried that politicians will make backroom deals at the expense of consumers. [...]

[Fm4.Orf] Lobbying um europäische Musiklizenzen

Die geplante europäische Regelung für Verwertungsgesellschaften und Rechtstatus von "nutzergenerierten Contents" verläuft erwartet kontroversiell. [...]

Während aus den anderen Themengruppen noch nicht viel zu erfahren war - es gab weder Videostreams, noch Stellungnahmen auf der EU-Website - traf das auf das Arbeitsfeld drei, "Benutzerbestimmte Inhalte" nicht zu.

[ZDNet] After ACTA, EU kicks off 'Licences for Europe' copyright reform

The European Commission has unveiled 'Licences for Europe', an initiative that encourages content stakeholders and consumers to work out short-term solutions to Europe's copyright issues ahead of creating legislation. [...]

Digital rights group La Quadrature du Net slammed the initiative as a "parody of debate" dominated by the entertainment industry. [...]

[ComputerWorldUK] After ACTA: Trans-Atlantic Partnership Agreement

It's not often that trade agreements make it to the front page of the newspapers, but that's what happened on New Year's Day:
« David Cameron has made the establishment of a free trade agreement between Europe and the US a key priority during the UK's leadership of the G8 group of richest nations this year. » [...]

[ITWorld] European Commission drops court challenge of ACTA legality

The European Commission has finally killed ACTA, the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, by withdrawing its bid to have the treaty's legality confirmed.

ACTA was rejected by the European Parliament in July following widespread protests across Europe. The treaty had been agreed to and signed on behalf of Europe by the European Commission in January 2012. […]

[ZDNet] ACTA gets final stake through heart as EC drops court referral

The European Union is certain not to see an ACTA revival, ever, after the Commission dropped an ECJ referral aimed at establishing the dead agreement's legality. [...]

At least six of the signatories need to ratify ACTA if it is to come into force anywhere. Sadly for those who favour the agreement, the withdrawal of the EU and its 27 member states means there are only eight signatories left. [...]

[GigaOm] Why the battle over net neutrality isn’t getting settled anytime soon

The European Parliament has passed two resolutions in favor of net neutrality, just as the issue rears its ugly head at the WCIT summit. But neither the pro nor anti factions look likely to get their way. [...]

[HuffingtonPost] Michael Geist: Canada - EU Trade Negotiations Clouded by ACTA Concerns

The Canada - EU Trade Agreement negotiations continue this week in Brussels with both parties hoping to wrap up many outstanding issues. According to information provided by Canadian officials at a briefing earlier next month, the plan is to narrow the areas of disagreement to no more than ten issues, with ministers meeting in Europe in November to try to forge an agreement on the contentious areas. [...]

[TechEye] ACTA back from the dead in Europe - Politicians and Big Content repackage controversial bill

It seems that the European Commission believes that its elected politicians and consumer groups are stupid. [...] According to the Human Rights group the EFF, the Canada-European Union and Trade Agreement (CETA) has cut and pasted all the nasty stuff which was in ACTA which managed to get everyone upset. [...]

The Dutch government has stated that it would not accept CETA if the provisions are included.

[IntellectualPropertyWatch] ACTA: Will It Ever Become A Valid International Treaty?

A quiet and little-publicised ratification process might be the last hope for those pushing for international adoption of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). But while the Japanese legislature managed to finalise their ratification recently, processes in several ACTA signatory states seem to be stalled. Some may ask whether ACTA will ever become an international treaty. [...]

[EFF] Hardware Hacker, Anti-ACTA Activist, and Groundbreaking Anonymity Group Win EFF Pioneer Awards

EFF to Honor Andrew (bunnie) Huang, Jérémie Zimmermann, and the Tor Project at San Francisco Ceremony. [...]