Press review about ACTA

[Telegraph.Co] Europe signs up to controversial ACTA web treaty

Top official Kader Arif has quit in protest after the EU signed up to the ACTA anti-piracy treaty, which opponents say will fundamentally alter the nature of the internet. [...]

The treaty, which must still be ratified by the European parliament, has been mired in controversy over its secret drafting. It aims to prevent counterfeiting and piracy, and introduces tougher sanctions on copyright theft. It has already been the subject of street protests in Poland, where politicians put on masks to support hacker group 'Anonymous'. [...]

[] European Parliament rapporteur quits in Acta protest

Negotiations over a controversial anti-piracy agreement have been described as a "masquerade" by a key Euro MP. [...]

Kader Arif, the European Parliament's rapporteur for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta), resigned over the issue on Friday. [...]

[BBC.Co] Protesters take to the streets across Poland over ACTA

Protests have been held across Poland following the country's decision to sign up to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which critics say will restrict internet freedom. [...]

[TheInquirer] European Parliament official resigns over ACTA

EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT INVESTIGATOR Kader Arif has quit his post over the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) that the European Union (EU) signed yesterday in Japan. [...]

He published his reasons in French on his own web page, but they have been translated by La Quadrature Du Net, and we'll observe that he didn't mince words. [...]

[TheJournal.Ie] EMI Vice President comes out against SOPA and ACTA

THE VICE PRESIDENT of major record label EMI’s Urban Promotions has come out against bills like SOPA and ACTA, saying that the best way to tackle piracy is not to introduce legislation – but to simply provide better service. [...]

[Yahoo] Bill C-11 could bring SOPA-like online piracy laws to Canada

As the murky status of SOPA and PIPA keeps us in a fog, a Canadian digital policy expert warns us of a clandestine campaign to bring similar online piracy laws north of the border. […]

In a recent post to his personal blog, Geist delves into Bill C-11, a copyright reform legislation that could allow our country to become "a prime target for SOPA-style rules." […]

[ZDNet.Co] UK signs ACTA as activists urge resistance

The UK and 21 other European Union member states have signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, better known as ACTA. [...]

"In the last few days, we have seen encouraging protests by Polish and other EU citizens, who are rightly concerned with the effect of ACTA on freedom of expression, access to medicines, but also access to culture and knowledge," La Quad spokesman Jérémie Zimmermann said in a statement.

[ComputerActive] European Union members sign controversial anti-piracy treaty

Concerns raised over consumer privacy and intellectual property rights as ACTA, the global anti-counterfeiting agreement, moves closer to becoming law. [...]

[...] according to La Quadrature du Net, although the signing of ACTA by EU member states is "highly symbolic" it is "not the end of the road".

This citizen advocacy group said people can still challenge the agreement before the final vote in the EU Parliament; which cannot happen before June.

[Wired] The EU signs up to Acta

Acta [...] has been met with widespread criticism from open rights activists, who argue that the legislation has been rushed through the legal system under the guise of being a trade agreement, when in fact it is a new copyright law. [...]

European advocacy group La Quadrature du Net released a statement urging people to fight Acta by lobbying their MEPs before a vote on Acta in the European Parliament in June.

[Forbes] How To Protest ACTA

After the internet’s successful protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act, many of the same groups are now turning their attention to ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a European bill that could affect essentially every country in the developed world. [...]

Protests against it are much less developed than those against SOPA, but they will certainly move quickly. For starters, French digital rights advocacy group La Quadrature has posted a how-to guide on protesting in seven different languages.

[] Polish websites to go dark to protest ACTA

Hundreds of people have waged a street protest in Warsaw to protest the government's plan to sign an international copyright treaty, hours before several popular websites plan to go dark for an hour over the issue. [...]

Prime Minister Donald Tusk insisted Tuesday that his government will not give in to the protesters. [...]

ACTA shares some similarities with the hotly debated Stop Online Piracy Act in the US, which was shelved by lawmakers last week after Wikipedia and Google blacked out or partially obscured their websites for a day in protest. [...]

[GlobalVoicesOnline] Poland: Government Will Sign ACTA Despite Massive Protest

“The Acta agreement in no way changes Polish laws or the rights of internet users and internet usage.” - despite a massive Internet protest and controversies around the secret manner of negotiations, Minister of Administration and Digitisation Michal Boni admitted after the meeting with PM Donald Tusk that the government would sign the anti-piracy agreement ACTA on January 26, as planned. [...]

[EuroNews] Protesters in Poland angry about ACTA

Polish people have showed they disagree with their country’s plan to sign an international treaty on copyright by holding a demonstration outside EU offices in Warsaw.

The measure has provoked similar fury to that against the recently dropped US bill on piracy SOPA, and the another US bill dealing with intellectual property still progressing, known as PIPA.

Some in Poland fear ACTA could lead to online censorship and claim they were not consulted about the treaty.

[InfoSecurity] Anti ACTA hacktivists attack Polish government sites

Hactivists have attacked Polish government websites in protest at its intention to sign The Polish protests coincided with calls by advocacy group La Quadrature du Net for opposition to ACTA in the same way that stalled controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the the international Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)