Press review about ACTA

[ComputerWorldUK] TTIP Update V

Glyn Moody's analysis of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) draft leaked last week. In particular, he focuses on "elements relevant to TAFTA/TTIP and the digital world."

He writes that the draft "wants patents for things that don't actually do anything more than a current invention, but are simply 'new' - that is, different in some unimportant way. This would allow so-called 'ever-greening' of patents [...]."

[TechDirt] TPP IP Chapter Leaked, Confirming It's Worse Than ACTA

Wikileaks has published a draft of the chapter on Intellectual Property (IP) of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement dated 30 August.

The article quotes heavily from an analysis by Knowledge Ecology International, highlighting that, "access to life-saving medicines would be curtailed, while the scope of patents would be extended to include surgical methods, for example", the proposal would moreover greatly extend the number of years that copyrighted material is protected.

[TorrentFreak] European Parliament Members Explore Decriminalizing File-Sharing

Frustrated by the lack of copyright reform in Europe, several Members of European Parliament have started a coordinated platform to urge the European Commission to update its outdated policy. The MEPs are looking for a more flexible copyright system which benefits European citizens and businesses, including the decriminalization of file-sharing for personal use. The first steps towards these goals are to be made during an event in Brussels on Tuesday. […]

[TechDirt] European Commission: ACTA Is Dead, Long Live ACTA?

The first six months of 2012 saw Europeans taking to the streets in order to kill off ACTA in the European Union. Against all the odds, they succeeded in that aim, as the European Parliament voted to reject ACTA on 4 July last year. That defeat has certainly been burned into the memories of Karel de Gucht, the EU Commissioner responsible for negotiating first ACTA and now TAFTA/TTIP. [...]

[EFF] TAFTA, the US-EU's Trojan Trade Agreement: Talks (and Leaks) Begin

The first round of talks in what the U.S. and EU trade representatives intend to be the largest bilateral trade agreement ever have begun. The governments call it TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Everyone else calls it TAFTA, the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. Whatever the name, it will regulate all U.S. and EU trade, or around 30 percent of world trade in goods. And according to the first leaks of negotiation documents, it threatens to be yet another trojan horse for copyright and internet issues. […]

[PolskaTimes] Przecieki z negocjacji o TTIP. Dokument ma "tylnymi drzwiami" wprowadzić zapisy ACTA

TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investments Partnership) to dokument mówiący o wolnym handlu pomiędzy Unią Europejską a Stanami Zjednoczonymi. To wersja oficjalna. W internecie huczy od doniesień o rzekomych tajnych zapiskach TTIP. Czyżby powstawało nowe ACTA? […]

Negocjacje ws. porozumienia ruszyły wczoraj w Waszyngtonie. Mają potrwać do 12 lipca. Wszystko odbywa się za zamkniętymi drzwiami. Prawdziwą burzę wywołał opublikowany przez grupę obywatelską La Quadrature du Net dokument, który pochodzić ma od negocjatorów TTIP. […]

[PCWorld] Specter of ACTA hangs over TTIP negotiations

Intellectual property (IP) should be left out of current trade negotiations with the U.S. and a deal should not be reached in secret, European civil liberties representatives advised the European Commission's trade department Wednesday. [...]

[TechDirt] What New-Style Trade Agreements Are Really About (Hint: It's Not Trade)

Given the massive impact that new-style trade agreements like TPP and TAFTA/TTIP are likely to have on the lives of hundreds of millions of people, it's surprising how few members of the public know about what's being negotiated in their name. Fortunately, publications are starting to run more articles on the subject, like this great piece by David Brodwin in US News. [...]

[PuntoInformatico] IPRED, l'appello dei provider all'Europa

L'industria delle telecomunicazioni teme per la revisione della direttiva sull'enforcement della tutela del diritto d'autore. L'adozione di misure tecniche restrittive sarebbe nefasta per le libertà digitali. [...]

[InfoSecurity] Does ACTA live on in the EC IPRED Directive?

The European Commission has run a public consultation on the enforcement of IPRED – the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive. The consultation closed on the day before April Fool’s Day – but not everybody is amused. [...]

[TechDirt] Leaked! MPAA Talking Points On Copyright Reform: Copyright Is Awesome For Everyone!

With the possibility of comprehensive copyright reform in the US in the air, we warned that lobbyists from all sides were about to be very, very busy on Capitol Hill, and it has already begun. We've heard from very reliable sources that the MPAA has basically been blanketing Congress with the attached document, visiting as many offices as possible and leaving it behind as their talking points on why copyright is just freaking awesome. [...]