[Fsrn] Headlines for Friday, February 17, 2012 : ACTA dealt blow by European court


Europe's highest court has ruled that online services such as Facebook and YouTube cannot be forced to police their customers' use of music, movies or other copyrighted material. Digital activists say it's another blow to the anti-piracy initiative known as ACTA From France, FSRN's Liam Moriarty has more.

[...] Digital activists say this ruling – and a similar one last fall dealing with internet service providers – invalidates a key element of ACTA. Jérémie Zimmermann is with the Paris-based group La Quadrature du Net. “There is now a heavy trend from the entertainment industry to try to make the internet intermediaries bear the liability for enforcement of this obsolete vision of copyright.” Meanwhile, ACTA continues to take its lumps. In the last week, Germany, Latvia, Bulgaria and the Netherlands became the latest countries to suspend ratification of the trade agreement. [...]