[ComputerworldUK] TTIP Update XIV

Glyn Moody writes that although the European Commission put investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) on hold in order to allow a public consultation, he suspects strongly that "the European Commission will only make a few tiny cosmetic changes to its plans - which it will nonetheless trumpet loudly."

"[...] various people from the European Commission's TTIP team have emphasised that the "new and improved " version of ISDS that the Commission wants for TAFTA/TTIP will be based on the similarly "new and improved" version found in the EU-Canada free trade agreement, generally known as CETA."

There are important discrepenacies between what EC claims and what was found in the leaked documents. On several crucial points, the EC is either "stretching the truth", "not being totally frank" and "claiming more than it should" about the provisions in the agreement being negotiated.