[ArsTechnica] How a banner ad for H&R Block appeared on apple.com without Apple's OK

Robert Silvie returned to his parents' home for a Mardi Gras visit this year and immediately noticed something strange: common websites like those belonging to Apple, Walmart, Target, Bing, and eBay were displaying unusual ads. [...]

ISP-sanctioned ad injection directly into webpages—if that's what this is—has a long history, but it has been fairly rare to find it happening on pay connections in the US. [...]

Are CMA and R66T reviving ad injection on pay connections to residential users? Only those two companies can explain exactly what the situation is, and neither has been over-anxious to respond immediately to questions. [...]

Two readers who use CMA tell us that they now no longer see the ads in question and suspect that CMA has halted the project. One reader thanked Henkel for bringing the issue to light, saying, "It has directly impacted the thousands of people that subscribe to CMA." [...]