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Paris 20 June 2013 — La Quadrature du Net launches a new call for support. After six months of structuring, La Quadrature du Net is now active on a wide number of subjects crucial for the future of online freedoms: Net neutrality, copyright reform, protection of privacy, opposing surveillance and censorship or discriminatory treatment of our communications. So many issues and actions that can be only move forward thanks to your support!

Support La Quadrature and get your own personalised “Pi-xel”!


In addition to its many volunteer contributors, La Quadrature is now operating with a five-member crew (and a trainee) structured around three types of activities: campaigning (Jerémie Zimmermann and Yoann Spicher), legal watch and analysis (Miriam Artino and Arthur Messaud) and development of citizen empowerment tools (Thomas Bouchet). Logistics and administrative support is provided by Marie Walrafen.

Since the epic citizen victory against ACTA in July 2012, and thanks to this structuring, La Quadrature de Net has been sustainably working, on both European and French levels, on the following dossiers:

Besides these daily actions and numerous contributions to the public debate, La Quadrature organises and takes part in many institutional and community events (such as workshops or a village at OHM20131Join us!) to help spread good practices in the digital space and help set up an infrastructure for debate and citizen empowerment.

These actions can only move forward with the support of thousands of individuals like you!

Support La Quadrature du Net and its actions through this new campaign, and get, amongst other presents, your own personalised “Pi-xel”!

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