La Quadrature du Net fights for the Internet’s infrastructure so it can be used and deployed by everyone, as easily as possible and in compliance with Net Neutrality. In particular, it supports and promotes associative Internet access providers by attempting to change the existing law and by publishing legal guides.

Promote a human-scale development

La Quadrature du Net campaigns for the evolution of the law so that it facilitates the access to the Internet and the development of the network by actors on a human scale: associations, libraries, individuals …

  • Our support to the Chaize amendment on the ELAN Law, which facilitates the development of small actors on fibre (July 2018)
  • Our answer with FFDN to the consultation about 5G (February 2018)
  • In collaboration with the reasearch project NetCommons, our legal guide for librairies or associations sharing their Internet access with the public (January 2018)
  • Open letter for the European public funding project for WIFI4EU networks to benefit the diversity of telecom players (May 2017)
  • A first assessment made by the FFDN on the European Code of Electronic Communications – ECEC (October 2017)
  • Our reaction to the first position adopted by the European Parliament on the ECEC (October 2017)
  • Our amendments and recommendations to the European Parliament for the ECEC (June 2017)
  • Open letter signed with 25 associative operators for the ECEC to promote a free and human-scaled Internet (March 2017)

Net Neutrality

One of the first battle of La Quadrature du Net is to garantee Net Neutrality : that no technical intermediary can promote, slow down or block information that we see, unless requested by a judge.

  • Our response with FFDN and Exodus Privacy to the consultation on the role of terminals (smartphones, tablets, voice assistants …) regarding Net Neutrality (January 2018)
  • Article of Benjamin Bayart in Libération about the end of Net Neutrality in the United States (December 2017)
  • First assessment of the Net Neutrality Regulation, one year after its implementation (May 2017)
  • Our reaction to the adoption of the Guidelines on the Implementation of European Net Neutrality rules (September 2016)
  • Our answer with the FFDN to the consultation on the guidelines (July 2016)
  • European Regulation on Net Neutrality (November 2015)
  • Our celebration of the adoption at first reading by the European Parliament of the Regulation on Net Neutrality, after years of fighting (April 2014)