French Net black-out against “graduated response”

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Paris, February, 25th. Opposing the stubborn and ridiculous will of the French governement to disconnect whole families from the Internet without real proof or trial, La Quadrature du Net issues a call to all freedom-cherishing citizens to a “black-out” of their sites, blogs, profiles, avatars,… As has been done in New Zealand, the only other country with France where the “graduated response” would have been imposed by law, and was finally pushed back: to protest against this stupid law and its “white list” of authorized websites, the French Web must act and dress in black.

HADOPI - Le Net en France : black-out

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New Zealand was so far the only other country besides France where such a stupid law as the “graduated response” was to be voted. In France, upon N. Sarkozy’s will, and defended by the minister of Culture C. Albanel, the “HADOPI” law is soon to be voted at the National Assembly. It just has been repelled thanks to a massive mobilization, during which New Zealand has proceeded to a voluntary “blackout”.

“This is a strong signal that shows the foolishness and dangerousness of this law. The “graduated response” will convict innocent people, without tangible proof and without trial. Artists will not earn more money and it will not change anything to the strategical and structural problems causing the crisis the industries asking for this law are facing.” says Jérémie Zimmermann, spokesperson of La Quadrature du Net. “To go all the way through with this logic of repression, the government said it would filter all public wi-fi accesses to a “whitelist”1On this matter, see: “graduated response”: “White list” for a dark age of the Net in France – of allowed websites. It doesn’t make any sense. Actions have to be taken to show a huge part of the Web is decided not to become permanently black.”

La Quadrature calls its supports, individuals and organizations, to :

HADOPI - Le Net en France : black-out
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“This call is a tribute to New Zealand citizens who were able to make their government hear the voice of reason. This is a remix of an idea which, like culture, exist only to be shared. Those who treat their customers of being “pirates” and the elected representatives who vote their laws are the ones who should be disconnected !”

“The Net was made for and by its users. Some archaic businesses and politicians who try to control it have not yet understood how the Net works. Together we are infinitely more intelligent and powerful and we must show it, act to protect our freedoms and the open architecture of the network. “ concludes Zimmermann, slightly angry.

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