[TechDirt] Why The European Commission’s Consultation On Corporate Sovereignty Is A Sham (And How To Respond To It Anyway)

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One measure of the resistance to the inclusion of corporate sovereignty provisions in TAFTA/TTIP is that the European Commission unexpectedly announced that it would be holding a three-month public consultation on this aspect in an attempt to defuse public anger. […]

As the closing date of the consultation (6 July 2014) approaches, a number of organizations have put together handy guides to filling it in — it’s open to everyone, not just EU citizens. Here, for example, is the Answering Guide from EDRi (pdf), which helpfully explains what exactly the often opaque questions mean, then suggests a number of points you might like to mention in your reply. A new site with the self-explanatory name of « No 2 ISDS! » also runs through each question in turn, but offers rather more forthright suggestions […]

This gives an indication of the quality and thoughtfulness of the responses that are currently being made to the corporate sovereignty consultation, and of the rich materials that citizens can draw upon in making their own comments. The European Commission certainly won’t be able to claim that no one cares whether ISDS is included in TAFTA/TTIP — the level of public interest in this previously obscure aspect of international trade law is unprecedented. Whether Karel De Gucht, the European Commissioner responsible for the negotiations on the EU side, is willing to take note of all the important points raised above and act on them, is quite another matter, though.