[HuffingtonPost] Talks on Liberalizing Services: Disaster in the Making

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Having efficient and solid services infrastructure is vital for any economy. But what a powerful group of countries is trying to do at the Trades in Services Agreement (TISA) talks, currently being negotiated in outside of WTO rules, goes beyond « just » trade issues. Current talks include the opening of important public policy issues like financial regulation, immigration, privacy and healthcare. […]

Who in a democratic country will accept their government secretly agreeing to laws that so fundamentally shift power and wealth, bind future governments and restrict their nation’s ability to provide for citizens?

These issues are too important to be left to trade negotiators to decide behind closed doors. If our governments have nothing to hide they should immediately release all text under negotiation. After the experience of the last 10 years the public will no longer accept being told that we should trust big business and government — and not worry ourselves about what we don’t know. […] These negotiations have been deliberately kept away from the public eye, but if our governments do not want a repeat of Seattle, they need to come clean with whats in the this agreement.