[TechDirt] USTR Claims 1,200 Meetings With Congress Just As Good As Actual Transparency

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[…] Businesses that stand to benefit from the agreement have better access to both the documents and our representatives, and yet, the USTR continues to protest that it’s open and transparent.

[…] [USTR Michael] Froman listed IP as the top priority for worldwide trade agreements: “[…] the Obama Administration is committed to protecting intellectual property (IP), […] encouraging the free flow of information across the digital world, and ensuring access to medicines, particularly by the poor in less developed economies.”

But that’s all a lie […]. The TPP is fighting cheap medicine on several fronts. […] The USTR isn’t interested in the free flow of information related to the TPP negotiations, so it’s highly unlikely it has any interest in « encouraging the free flow of information across the digital world. » The phrase « supporting the freedom of the internet » doesn’t sound right coming from an entity that was one of ACTA’s biggest supporters, and one backed by some of SOPA’s biggest supporters.