[ComputerWorldUK] TTIP Update XXI

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[…] despite the European Commission’s claims to the contrary, there was simply no evidence of any meaningful transparency in TTIP. However, that changed today, when the Commission announced its consultation on investor-state dispute settlement. […]

However, I don’t intend to go through the consultation document here […] Instead, I want to address […] the famous 119 billion euros figure for the « extra » GDP growth that TTIP will produce, which I’ve mentioned several times before.

[…] even under the most favourable assumptions – assumptions that are unlikely to be realised – TTIP’s benefit to European citizens would be negligible. The threats, on the other hand, are considerable, not least from investor-state dispute settlement, which is likely to cast a chill over legislative initiatives in the European Union, just as it did in Canada under NAFTA.