[DW] EU net neutrality vote addresses fate of Internet

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[…] Members of the [European] parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy ( ITRE) will vote on a net neutrality proposal on Monday [today]. […]

Groups in favor of net neutrality formed an online campaign – Save the Internet – calling on Europeans to contact their EU parliamentarians to enshrine net neutrality in law. […]

« What we are discussing with the net neutrality debate is the fate of the Internet and the important legal principles that will shape the future of its architecture, » said Felix Treguer, a co-founder of La Quadrature du Net, a Paris-based Internet advocacy group that is a part of the Save the Internet campaign. […]

La Quadrature du Net‘s Treguer said allowing telecom operators to make deals prioritizing content from big providers, such as Google, Facebook or Amazon, would fundamentally change the Internet by providing faster access to some services and slower access to others.

« What is at stake is making sure that the open platform for innovation for competition for freedom of communication, for freedom of choice for Internet users is preserved, » he said. […]