[Techdirt] Global Trade Agreements: Unstoppable, Or Being Stopped?

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The Berlin Forum on Global Politics, in collaboration with the Internet & Society Collaboratory and FutureChallenges.org of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, has put together an interesting collection of 22 wide-ranging essays dealing with TAFTA/TTIP, called « The Transatlantic Colossus » […] One of the essays, which compares TAFTA/TTIP with TPP, points out that we are witnessing an unprecedented level of activity in forging large-scale trade agreements […].

That tension between attempts to pin down the world in a set of massive, overlapping trade agreements and the widespread pushback against ever-more unbalanced copyright and patent systems can be seen in the recently-leaked TPP chapter […] It will be interesting to see whether the measures dealing with online copyright and Net freedom are the spark that ignites widespread public opposition to TPP just as they were for ACTA.