[PCWorld] European civil rights groups join forces to defend net neutrality

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[…] Civil rights groups EDRi (European Digital Rights), the German Digitale Gesellschaft, the French La Quadrature du Net, the Austrian Initiative für Netzfreiheit as well as the Brussels based Access Now group together launched a campaign called SaveTheInternet.eu aiming to amend or block the regulation. […]

The European Union is currently preparing a net neutrality law. Net neutrality in principle means that all traffic on the internet is treated on an equal basis without regard to the type or origin of the content. However, the European Commission’s net neutrality proposal allows ISPs to charge extra for delivering “specialized services”—and by not defining the term, could allow them apply the label to services such as Skype, YouTube and Whatsapp that compete with their own offerings, and charge customers to access them, the groups warned. […]

The regulation is now up for discussion in the European Parliament. Therefore the groups urged European citizens to start contacting their Members of Parliament (MEPs) to make them aware of the problems in the draft regulation, especially because the legislation is on a very strict timeline.