[ComputerWorldUK] TTIP Update VII

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In this blog Glyn Moody has a close look at investor-state dispute resolution (ISDS). In summary he argues that « investment protection provisions are simply unnecessary when it comes to EU-US trade. But what’s really disturbing in that […] the European Commission believes that these have something to do with each other, […]. That is not just wrong, it is downright insidious: it places the rights of investors at the same level as the rights of citizens; it asserts that the public must necessarily give up some of its own hard-won health, environmental and social protections in order to « protect » the ability of companies to make profits. »

« This pernicious notion is why ISDS is not fixable in any way, despite what the European Commission would have us to believe. Its very presence in a trade agreement is an affront to the citizens in whose name it is supposedly being negotiated, and an affront to democracy itself. ISDS must go. »