[TheGuardian] Observe, Make, Hack: reflections on a hacker camp

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The outdoors gathering sparked passionate debate and disagreement – but we all chose to be there to tackle the difficult conversations that will shape our future. […]

Frankly, news in recent years have been a little depressing, which is how I came to book a spur of the moment, round-ticket from Australia to Europe, desperate to find a thread to hold onto – a belief that the future holds something more than the dystopian reality that has rushed up on us, fermented into a pervasive Big Brother regime of NATO-state condoned totalitarian surveillance. […]

Yes, it was difficult at times – a strange mix of people. But we chose to be in that space together, because opting out meant more than just opting out of a camp in a sheep paddock in the Netherlands; it would have meant opting out of practicing the difficult conversations that shape our future. […]