[TechDirt] The List Of Government Agencies That Can Get Your Data Under CISPA

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One of the key complaints about CISPA is the fact that it does absolutely nothing to make sure any data of yours that is shared with the government by third parties is sent narrowly to folks working to protect us from cybersecurity threats. Instead, the information can be shared with any agency of the government, so long as they can claim, vaguely, that it’s being used for « cybersecurity purposes. » But, as the EFF points out, without any limitations on who in the government can see your data, every government agency can see your data. They’ve even put together a helpful « list. » […]

We’ve reposted the list below as well, just so you can get an idea of which government agencies could get access to your data on CISPA (and which ones thought that, perhaps, that’s not such a good idea). […]