[TechDirt] Not Learning From ACTA: IPR Protection And Enforcement Seen As ‘Less Difficult Issue’ For TAFTA/TTIP

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Despite increasing calls for the imminent TAFTA/TTIP trade negotiations to be conducted as openly as possible, it seems likely that, as with ACTA and TPP, everything will be decided behind closed doors. That means the rest of us are forced to take our information about what is likely to happen where we can find it. For example, a new survey entitled « The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Ambitious but Achievable » (pdf), carried out by The Bertelsmann Foundation and Atlantic Council, offers some interesting thoughts on the subject. […]

Indeed, that is surprising: the rejection of ACTA’s measures by the European Parliament — to say nothing of the tens of thousands of people who took to the streets of Europe — was overwhelming: why do the « stakeholders » think this time will be different? […]

The fact that they think re-introducing some of ACTA’s ideas might be one of the « less difficult » issues for TAFTA/TTIP suggests that they are either completely out of touch, or know something that we don’t — which is precisely why it’s worth reading the full document just in case they do.