[TechDirt] Copyright Office Boss Admits Copyright Law Is Broken And Needs A Rethink… But Still Focused On Bad Ideas

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We posted one short post about a key comment from Register of Copyright, Maria Pallante, suggesting that the focus of copyright law should be on large scale piracy, rather than the teenager downloading at home. Many in our comments rightfully cheered on this line, but as the hearing is concluding it’s worth pointing out that there are a number of things she’s brought up that should be equally, if not more, troubling. « I’ve never thought that copyright inhibits innovation. » […]

Also, troubling, was that she more or less endorsed large parts of SOPA as a proper solution for going forward. […]

There’s no discussion of why or how people create — nor is there any discussion about how the vast majority of creation today is not for direct monetary benefit anyway, and yet is still locked up by copyright law. Without examining the core issues, the overall reform process is just going to produce another, outdated and broken law.