[PCWorld] European digital rights group pans copyright reform talks

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Civil liberties activists attending the European Commission’s new copyright talks last week declared the process a « waste of time » and an « outrageous attempt to avoid copyright reform. » […]

[…] « 75 percent of the participants to the working-group concerning users is affiliated with the industry and the themes and objectives are defined so as to ensure that the industry has its way and that nothing will change, » said La Quadrature du Net spokesman Jeremie Zimmermann. « Through this initiative, the E.U. Commission shows its contempt of the many citizens who participated in defeating ACTA and are still mobilized against repressive policies. No citizen should agree to the terms and conditions of these Licenses for Europe, » he added. […]

However, Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes urged attendees at the event to keep an open mind. « Digital technology was seen as a threat to content instead of an opportunity, » she said, adding, « In some cases licensing won’t be the solution. »