[Techpresident] Momentum Builds in Europe Against Controversial Treaty on Copyright, Counterfeiting

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Last Saturday, thousands of people rallied all over Europe to protest against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a controversial treaty that would set new international standards for dealing with copyright infringement and other copyright claims. […]

« This movement has been very decentralized from the start. While there have been some coordinated talks and discussions between civil society groups internationally, it is mostly a decentralized grassroots movement that grew up even without any coordinated action. » wrote me EFF’s Maira Sutton in an email interview, earlier this month.

While there are some more visible Internet freedom organizations engaged in the public debate (such as the French La Quadrature du Net, the European Digital Rights, the Electronic Frontier Foundation), the movement has been spreading information on the treaty and organizing action in many ways, […]