[ZeroPaid] French RIAA Announces Deadline to Ban File-Sharers from the Internet

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The EFF points us to new disturbing demands by the French version of the RIAA known as SNEP (Syndicat national de l’édition phonographique). Among the demands are a deadline for laws to be put in place that would disconnecting file-sharers from the internet and the ability to serve as police, judge and jury against French P2P users.

When it comes to making what many see as far fetched claims about copyright, many think of copyright industry bodies inside the United States. Recently though, it seems as though there are dramatic claims and demands coming out of the French copyright industry recently.

The EFF recently pointed to a posting made by La Quadrature Du Net (Squaring the Net) which shows, among other things, a leaked copy of the proposed French law.


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