[Zeropaid] European Commission Wants ISP "Cooperation" in Fighting Online Infringement

Introduces new “blueprint” for Intellectual Property Rights to “boost creativity and innovation.” Strategy involves preventing access to counterfeit goods and services online while at the same increasing and simplifying access to legitimate alternatives. […]

On the enforcement side the leading cause for concern is discussion of ISP “cooperation” in the fight against online infringement. […]

“Like the United States with the PROTECT IP Act, the goal of EU authorities is to use technical means to block communications and restrict users’ access in the name of enforcing an obsolete vision of copyright,” says Jérémie Zimmermann, spokesperson for La Quadrature du Net. “Such a scheme would lead to the establishment of a censorship infrastructure by online actors, technically similar to those currently used in authoritarian states. In the process, freedom of communication, privacy as well as the right to a fair trial would inevitably be undermined.” […]

The proposed changes include:

  • creating a unitary patent-protection system so inventors would need to register only one patent covering most EU countries – reducing costs and red tape
  • protecting brands more effectively through a modernised trademark system that is simpler, faster, more effective, efficient and consistent
  • easing access to copyright-protected works, particularly online and including Europe’s cultural heritage
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