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Future and security.

Our rulers and their army of industrialists have been fixated on theses words. They claim to guide us, like prophets, towards this future that seems impossible to escape from. It’s for our common benefit, they say. This future is the future of biometric surveillance, drones and cameras at every street corner.

“Experimenting with facial recognition is necessary so that our industry can progress!” declared the French secretary for numeric affairs. Anyways, like any surveillance technology, “facial recognition cannot be un-invented”, what good does it do to oppose it then?

Claiming that the future is unchangeable and all set, while refusing to recognise its political implications, is the best way to avoid responsibility. It’s the best way to erase their responsibility for turning our cities into Technopolice, leaving our lives deprived of freedom.

We, at La Quadrature du Net, refuse this future.

We will fight to be able to choose our future. We will fight so that machines and techniques serve the inhabitants of cities and of the Earth. We will fight against them being imposed upon us, against them being used to silence and control us. Join us in this fight! Support the Quadrature du Net!

All the campaign illustrations have been created by Alexis