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For 10 years, your donations have allowed us to defend our vision of an ideal Internet — an ideal we hope to share with you. Today we launch our annual donation campaign, with the goal to raise 320 000 €, like we did last year.

We mostly want to take this opportunity to tackle a subject we deeply care about but rarely mention as we are constantly weighted down by new threats against our freedoms. Yet, it is that subject that gets us moving every day, that makes us stay up late at night and inspires every word we write to judges, parliamentarians and you, to share our concerns and propose ways to defend ourselves.

This year, we will take the opportunity of this donation campaign to tell you about the Internet we dream about, “our Internet”. Sure, there are GAFAM, Macron, and the racing Technopolice, but just for a moment, let’s dream wisely — remember that we don’t just fight against a terrible future but mostly, for a better world.

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Our ideal Internet is in the hands of all those who use it. It has no center nor master but gets built and invented collectively. Therefore, the best way to talk about it was to let those who build it on a daily basis do so. Those who put the cables and maintain a collective infrastructure against the giant ISPs, those who develop software that allows a fairer distribution of the moderation powers on the Internet, those who empower everyone by allowing us to build our small piece of self-managed Internet, those who fight in front of judges so that laws do not prevent us from shaping the Internet the way we want by imposing censorship and surveillance

During last year, we had the honor to have many of those people as members of our association. We hope this donation campaign will reflect the new diversity of voices, experiences and ideals provided by this opening, so dear to our dreamed Internet.

We also let our long-date allies speak, to eventually gather around 15 people in 4 videos. One for each aspect of our ideal: a web where our rules are decided collectively, without censorship imposed by governments or companies, a physical infrastructure maintained by the people, a world free of mass surveillance, the development of services which are not based on the commercial exploitation of our identity.

We will publish these videos in the coming weeks after the publication of a first, more poetic video, showing in animation the story of the Internet as we see it today. The diffusion of these videos will be accompanied by one or two public events per week (see the schedule).

Expressing our dreams may also represent a form of overview: an appropriate moment to salute our good old website, which has, for a long time, accompanied us despite getting old, and welcome a brand new one, as you can see!

Thanks to everyone who share these dreams which we hope to defend one more year, thanks to you.

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