[p2pnet] French "3 Strikes" law passes 2nd reading

The French national assembly has to its lasting shame caved in to corporate music and movie industry pressure to pass an anti-P2P, anti-file sharing, anti-consumer bill.
Its final acceptance would turn the country into a virtual copyright enforcement division.
However, a joint commission composed of government-nominated members of the Senate and National Assembly, must first, “reconcile differences between the texts voted by the two parliamentary chambers,” says the IDG News Service.
“Before the President signs the text into law, senators and deputies will have the opportunity to challenge its validity by referring it to the Constitutional Council.”
How far will the French people allow this farce to go before staging another revolution to drive home the reality that the interests of the people come first, not those of a tiny collection of venal companies which answer only to their shareholders? [...]

By going this far, France sets itself in direct confrontation to the European Parliament.
“France is definitely alone in the world with its kafkaesque administrative machinery, an expensive mechanism for arbitrary punishment,” said La Quadrature du Net. [...]

Final implementation of the law would also represent a blow to Net Neutrality not only in France, but elsewhere.