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Spread the Word

Tell your friends, colleagues and family about La Quadrature. Refer them to this website and inform them about current legislative projects on the national, European and international level. Share information and documents from this website on other websites, forums, blogs, and with large and small media outlets. You can also use La Quadrature’s visuals in your messages.

Contact Decision Makers and Political Representatives

You can contact politicians in your own country and Members of the European Parliament to share your concerns and encourage them to act in favour of legislation that protects online freedom. You will find on our website and the wiki all the information you need to be informed and to contact your elected representatives.


We invite all political and social thinkers, researchers, elected officials and journalists to contact us if they wish to contribute to the analysis and development of ideas on relevant issues.

Display your support on our Website

Non-governmental organizations are welcome to support to La Quadrature du Net. Please contact us at and provide us with a description of your organisation, a logo (high definition if possible), a contact address, and optionally a quote explaining the reasons for your support.


La Quadrature du Net always requires volunteers to accomplish certain tasks and we would love your involvement.


La Quadrature du Net has several tools to help getting these tasks done:

  • Political Memory is a toolbox that helps track the voting record of French and European Parliamentarians and lists contact details and other relevant information. Volunteers can contribute to this project by adding quotes and, if you have technical skills, by assisting in the development of the site.
  • Our mailing list publishes our actions, such as actions that involved calling Members of the European Parliament, spreading campaign messages, etc. This list is also used for feedback and general discussion.
    This list is open to all and archives are available to all subscribers.

    You can subscribe to this list by entering your email address in the following form:

    Your email address will only be used to send you messages related to our activity. It will not be shared with third-parties.

  • The quadpad is a real-time collaborative text editor and allows simultaneous collaborative document-editing.
  • Chat rooms (available via IRC) open to all for more information about La Quadrature, general discussion or to propose your help on general or specific items.

Please, do not hesitate in using these tools, that’s what they are there for.


If you have graphics skills, your help is very welcome. Banners, buttons, promotional multimedia elements and short ads are particularly sought-after. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contribute to the Wiki

You can contribute to La Quadrature du Net’s wiki by adding new content, consolidating existing content or correcting spelling and grammar mistakes.

Participate in the Press Review

You can join the “PR” team and help make the Press Review. Go to this page for more information about the working process and how the press review is edited [translation is in the pipeline]. Join the IRC #lqdn-rp chatroom, introduce yourself and you should receive a cheerful welcome.


A lot of documents (Press releases, notes, articles, files, etc.) are published on the website, either in English or in French initially, and need to be translated. The announcements for translations are made via our translation mailing list,, and on Twitter. If your language skills allow you to translate without using auto-translation software then your know-how will be highly appreciated. You can subscribe to the translation mailing list on this page:


La Quadrature du Net would like to keep a record of its spokespersons’s interventions and of pertinent media relating to its issues. To do so, we need people to record these shows and send them to the mediakit. For more information, please read our tutorial on recording (in French).

If you have ideas or competences in this domain, please contact us at


We tried to make this list as exhaustive as possible but if you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us email (contact @ or on IRC.

For more general questions, or questions related to La Quadrature’s issues, please use our contact form.