[EUobserver] Internet piracy battle holds up EU telecoms bill

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The battle between internet pirates and copyright holders shifted to Strasbourg this week, with a move that threatens to hold up a major European Union telecoms bill and unravel France's flagship legislation on cutting off internet access for illegal downloaders.


In Sweden, the court sentence has, perhaps temporarily, pushed the Pirate Party, a political party that campaigns on similar issues, to be the number one choice of young voters, with almost 50 percent of young men under 30 saying they intend to cast their ballot for them in the June 2009 elections to the European Parliament.

Jeremie Zimmermann, of La Quadrature du Net hailed the MEPs' move: "The European citizens will remember this courageous stand. Members of the European Parliament honoured their mandates by standing courageously for citizens' rights and freedoms."