La Quadrature joins EDRi as a member

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After many years of participating in the EDRi network as an observer, working with the collective of European member organisations and the EDRi team in Brussels to protect rights and freedoms in the digital space and beyond, La Quadrature du Net has now joined EDRi as a full-fledged member.

La Quadrature had long been an observer at EDRi, going back to the beginning of the last decade and almost to the inception of our organisation, initially joining under the observer status as a consequence of our then legal status (a de facto collective rather than an association declared under French law, as is now the case). Over time, this status remained, but became more and more of a historical anomaly.

Today, la Quadrature joins EDRi as a full-fledged member. This change in status will allow for easier and closer collaboration with our European partners, as well as giving la Quadrature a more official voice in the EDRi network. In practice though, this change in status is very much a continuation of years of common work and makes official our longstanding partnership.

Thank you to all the EDRi members who approved our membership request as well as to the EDRi team.