La Quadrature Welcomes You at 30C3 for some Tea, Massages and Strategic Thinking

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Hamburg, 26 December 2013 — La Quadrature du Net’s staff, supporters and volunteers will build a common space for cosyness and strategic thinking at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress (30C3) in Hamburg, from Dec 27th to Dec 30th. This unique event will happen for its 30th annual edition the very year Edward Snowden and the GNU project turn 30. La Quadrature du Net’s space will be a new iteration of “La Quadra’Tea House”, initiated at Ohm, last summer’s hacker camp.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy cups of delicious tea (green tea, oolong, pu erh, panyong among others) and yerba mate. One can also participate in “Hacking with Care”, a program by Emily and Baba aiming at bringing balance, embodiment, body & soul awareness and care to the hackers’ communities, or book a wonderful massage with Emily. It will also be an occasion to discover La Quadrature du Net’s book scanner and scan your rare books to contribute them to our library.

La Quadrature du Net aims at providing 30C3 with a shared, common infrastructure for relaxation and cozyness, a perfect place for sharing knowledge and projecting strategic thinking about the crucial challenges ahead on the fronts of surveillance, privacy, net neutrality, copyright, life the Universe and everything!

Come and share Datalove on La Quadrature du Net’s village located on the top floor, near saal2!

For more information, use La Quadrature du Net’s village page on 30C3 wiki:

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