New ACTA leak: 01/18 version of consolidated text

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La Quadrature du Net releases a consolidated version of the ACTA text dated January 18th, 2010.

Download the consolidated text of ACTA:

ACTA is a multi-lateral agreement aimed at setting a standard for enforcing counterfeiting at the global level. The following document may not reflect the current state of the negotiations but it provides the public with an interesting overview of the whole agreement, background on the positions of the different parties, as well as more details regarding:

  • The general scope of ACTA;
  • Border measures;
  • Criminal enforcement;
  • International cooperation;
  • Enforcement practices;
  • The ACTA oversight committee (institutional arrangements chapter).
Here is the transcription of the document so it can be further analysed and spread.

For more information about ACTA, see our web-dossier, Michael Geist’s blog or
Knowledge Economy International’s thread on the matter.

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