[IPTegrity] European Parliament dirty trick on Internet vote

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A key new amendment enshrining the operator’s right to block Internet content will not be voted on. It is tucked into the « compromise » document, which will be voted as a block.This appears to be a breach of procedure and should be seriously questioned. […]

The Parliament will not get the chance to vote on these amendments individually. Check the voting list, which is downloadable via the La Quadrature du Net website . The voting list is stitched up, so that this amendment will be voted within the « compromise » which is listed as amendment no 103. It should technically under the rules, be split out, because technically it is an alternative for the original Amendment 166 – Article 32a – and therefore the Parliament should have the opportunity to vote on it. Especially in light of its significance – as I have previously reported, it reverses existing principles in EU law, which guarantee end-to-end connectivity.