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[Jurist] France legislature's rejection of internet anti-piracy bill thwarts corporate interests

Jérémie Zimmermann [Co-founder and spokesperson, La Quadrature du Net]: "A controversial bill dealing with online filesharing was rejected by the French National Assembly in a very surprising move last week, at the final vote of the emergency procedure in which it was considered, (which means only one lecture in each room. such a last minute rejection happened for the last time in 1983). This law faced strong opposition coming from members of all the political parties, driven by a formidable and wide citizen movement lead from the Internet by La Quadrature du Net and others. The law is nonsensical, inapplicable and dangerous for numerous reasons: It allows for parallel administrative justice where innocents will be sanctioned based on immaterial proofs, private police of the network in the hands of corporate actors, and its Article 5 opens very disturbing doors to generalized filtering of content. [...]