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[ComputerWorldUK] How Network Neutrality Promotes Innovation

As I've pointed out many times in previous posts, one of the key benefits of mandating network neutrality is that it promotes innovation by creating a level playing field. Such statements are all very well, but where's the evidence? An important new study entitled "The innovation-enhancing effects of network neutrality" [.pdf], commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs from the independent SEO Economic Research unit provides perhaps the best survey and analysis of why indeed network neutrality is so beneficial: [...]

In other words, there is a double benefit from net neutrality, both in terms of stimulating ISP competiton, and for content and application producers. But the study points out that there is another, more indirect advantage that involves a complex interaction between CAPs, end-users and ISPs, all of whom gain thanks to network neutrality: [...]

The main body of the report fleshes out these ideas, providing all the necessary references for those who wish to explore the evidence further, which is one reason why I think this is a very valuable contribution to the debate about net neutrality. It would be really great if European politicians involved in policy-making in this area read it before making any ill-considered decisions that could have a hugely negative impact on future innovation in the European Union. But I'm not holding my breath...