[Wired] Peter Sunde: 'I went to jail for my cause. What did you do?'

petersundeA guest post in Wired by Peter Sunde, original co-founder of The Pirate Bay and more recently Flattr.

"The Pirate Bay was shut down. It tilted people's brains into knowing that tomorrow, their favorite TV show must be downloaded somewhere else. They thought about it a bit more and decided this is the beginning of a slippery slope. [...] That this thing, that we're centralising the internet, having just a handful of centralised services, mostly owned by companies in one single country, a country that doesn't care about borders when it comes to their own gauntlets, is not a great idea. A movement is forming. [...]

We stopped ACTA. We stopped SOPA, PIPA. We're working on stopping TTIP. We have people in parliament. Because that's the way we work now. The internet has become mainstream. We can't just run around as wild activists doing whatever we want. We need to do it in an orderly fashion. [...]"