Press review about Net Neutrality

[TarifeTarife] Kampagne „“ fordert Netzneutralität in der EU

Ein Bündnis europäischer Bürgerrechtsorganisationen hat die Kampagne „“ gestartet, deren Ziel die gesetzliche Festschreibung der Netzneutralität in der EU ist. Die Bürgerrechtler kritisieren den Vorschlag der EU-Kommission als Angriff auf das Recht zur freien Meinungsäußerung.

[InfoSecurity] European Threat to Net Neutrality Getting Closer

[…] On 15 November the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Peter Hustinx published his Opinion on Neelie Kroes', vice-president of the European Commission and in charge of the Digital Agenda, proposals for harmonizing electronic communications services across Europe. He welcomed the inclusion of a net neutrality principle, but warned that the actual text is devoid of substance because of the almost unlimited right of providers to manage internet traffic. […]

[PCAdvisor] EU net neutrality proposal threatens privacy, says data protection supervisor

The proposed European Union-wide net neutrality law would not protect citizens' rights to privacy, the European data protection supervisor said Friday.

[ComputerWorldUK] Help: EU Net Neutrality Consultation Closes Today

Glyn Moody writes that "the European Commission finally came out with its proposals for net neutrality, part of its larger "Connected Continent" package designed to complete the telecoms single market." This article contains his advice to the European Commission of what to change in their proposal:

[Wired] We're About to Lose Net Neutrality - And the Internet as We Know It

Marvin Ammori, a lawyer who represents technology companies on internet policy issues, summarizes the recent history of the threat against Net Neutrality and the importance of the related court case in front of the DC Circuit court.

"The neutral and level playing field provided by permissionless innovation has empowered all of us with the freedom to express ourselves and innovate online without having to seek the permission of a remote telecom executive."

[RT] Brazil to press for local Internet data storage after NSA spying

Brazil is urging a plan to introduce local data storage for Internet giants like Facebook and Google in order to keep the information they get from Brazilian users safe –as part of a complex of measures to oppose US spying. [...]

Jeremie Zimmermann, co-founder of the French digital rights advocacy group La Quadrature du Net, told RT such a project is about taking back control of both vital digital infrastructure and fundamental freedoms. [...]

[PolicyReview] Europe pushes rewind button on net neutrality

The fight around net neutrality is far from over. In fact EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes’ recent presentation of her version of “net neutrality” in a draft regulation on a “connected continent“ resulted in an outcry on behalf of digital rights organisations. If passed unchanged, the new legal instrument would explicitly allow for deals between content providers and network operators about preferential treatment. […]

[PCWorld] Study: Net neutrality policies vary in EU countries

European Union member states have adopted a range of stances on net neutrality, and the E.U. should look to the countries’ examples as it attempts to move forward with new regulations, said one advocacy group.

[ComputerWorldUK] Net Neutrality under Threat in Europe - Unnecessarily

As long-suffering readers of this column will know, I've been following for a while the winding road leading to the European Commission's proposals regarding net neutrality in Europe. Along the way, there have been many twists and turns, with hints of first one direction, then another. But today, the Commission has finally released its plans - not just for this area, but for the whole telecoms market in Europe [...]

[V3] Roaming charges to go by 2016 and net neutrality "guaranteed" under landmark EU proposals

The European Commission has put forward its set of proposals for the first step to reform the European telecoms market. Among the proposals, the long-awaited and much-debated scrapping of roaming fees makes an appearance, with a raft of changes proposed for July 2014. [...]

[Edri-gram] Net Neutrality threatened by the Commission’s draft regulation

For the past years, EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes, who started by advocating for net neutrality, has constantly given in to the pressure of large telecom companies, changing her direction from protecting net neutrality to threatening it. The current draft Regulation made public on 11 September 2013 just confirms this direction.

La Quadrature du Net and several advocacy groups have accused Kroes of killing net neutrality through the Commission's draft proposal on the reform of the EU telecom market, under the disguise of defending it. […]

[EUobserver] EU to ban roaming charges, internet throttling

Berlin — The European Commission on Wednesday (11 September) put forward plans to ban charges for incoming calls when abroad, but allowing internet providers to charge more for high-quality connections. […]

Kroes says her proposal - which was heavily lobbied by telecoms and internet providers - defends the principle of an open internet for all and specifically bans throttling the connection, or even severing it, for customers who do not subscribe to a premium service. […]

[PCWorld] Digital rights activist: EU's proposed net neutrality law 'as useful as an umbrella in a hurricane'

The European Union’s proposed net neutrality law allows different price plans for different Internet speeds to the detriment of net neutrality, digital activists said Wednesday. […]

However, net neutrality advocates said that Article 23 leaves the door open for a two-tiered Internet by allowing ISPs to offer speeds at different rates through “specialized services with a defined quality of service or dedicated capacity.” […]

[PCWorld] EU commissioners clash over proposed net neutrality law

A new draft law on net neutrality and mobile roaming in Europe has caused conflict between European Union commissioners.

[…] A leaked document from the justice department shows that Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding is highly critical of the proposal. […]

[WallStreetJournal] EU Commission Keeps Net Neutrality in Telecoms Proposals

The college of European Commissioners decided to keep provisions on net neutrality in the proposed overhaul of the 28-nation bloc's telecoms rules, an official in the meeting said Tuesday.

The official said the commissioners voted 25 to three to keep the provisions. […]