Press review about Net Neutrality

[GigaOm] Detroit is the testing ground for a new open source wireless network technology

How do you connect people who have no Internet? How do you build a wireless network outside of the official wireless ISPs? These are questions the Open Technology Institute wants to answer in Detroit with Commotion, an open source, wireless mesh networking technology trial.

[BBC] Internet porn: Automatic block rejected

Ministers have rejected plans to automatically block internet access to pornography on all computers, saying the move is not widely supported. [...]

But the government says internet providers should encourage parents to switch on parental controls. [...]

It added: "There is also a risk from 'over-blocking' - preventing access to websites which provide helpful information on sexual health or sexual identity, issues which young people may want information on but find difficult to talk to their parents about." [...]

[Telecompaper] Berec opposes ETNO net charging proposal

EU regulator Berec has come out against the proposal by operator industry group ETNO to implement a mechanism for online content providers to contribute to the cost of carrying their traffic over telecom networks. [...]
Based on its own market analysis in terms of net neutrality, Berec said it would inappropriate to include such rules in the ITU treaty, which is only amended every 25 years, as it could limit the development of the internet and access to services. [...]

[PcAdvisor] US WCIT ambassador: Some things aren't negotiable

[...]The U.S. delegation wants a successful World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), said Terry Kramer, head of the U.S. delegation. But if other delegates to WCIT attempt to expand the U.N. International Telecommunication Union's telecom regulations to the Internet, "we might as well not waste our time," Kramer said during a WCIT discussion in Washington, D.C.

[TheVerge] Verizon, MetroPCS push back on FCC's net neutrality rules

Verizon Wireless and MetroPCS have filed a joint appeal against a court decision concerning the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules that took effect in December of last year. The court had ruled in favor of the FCC, despite the complaints levied against it in Verizon and MetroPCS' lawsuit. The carriers contend that the FCC is over stepping its bounds with the regulation, which is designed to prevent network operators from controlling traffic to apps, services, and other functions on an individual basis. [...]

[TheInquirer] European net neutrality discussions close

European discussions on the openness of the internet closed yesterday with pressure groups asking that net neutrality be enshrined in law. [...]

In France, La Quadrature du Net said that ensuring net neutrality in law is the only way to ensure a level playing field and fair and proper behaviour from incumbent telcos.

[Forbes] U.N. Agency Reassures: We Just Want to Break the Internet, Not Take it Over

In recent months, the International Telecommunications Union, the U.N.’s telephone regulatory agency, has been fighting hard to quiet a growing chorus of warnings that it is maneuvering to rewrite the rules of Internet governance. [...]

Dozens of proposals secretly circulating ahead of the WCIT meeting would go well beyond usurping ICANN’s authority, and would if adopted introduce sweeping architectural changes that would allow the ITU and its members to redesign the Internet to something much more controllable. [...]

[Wired] [IT] Aigrain: « I veri social media non sono Facebook e YouTube »

Inizia oggi la Social Media Week, con la media partnership di Wired Italia, a Torino fino al 28 settembre. L'intervento di apertura è dedicato proprio ai social media, con una lezione di Philippe Aigrain, tra i fondatori di La Quadrature du Net, un collettivo per la difesa delle libertà dei cittadini su Internet e autore di Sharing: Culture and the Economy in the Internet Age. Ecco per voi il testo della lezione. [...]

[Guardian] Tim Berners-Lee: the internet has no off switch

Briton who launched first web page in 1990 reiterates opposition to extending government control of internet. [...]

[Netzpolitik] Frankreich: Die Fusion des Internets

Frankreichs Premierminister Jean-Marc Ayrault kündigte in der letzten Woche die mögliche Zusammenlegung des Rundfunk- und Fernsehrats CSA mit dem Telekomregulierer ARCEP an. Einer der Hauptgründe sei, dass audiovisuelle Medieninhalte zunehmend über das Internet verbreitet und konsumiert werden. Konkrete Vorschläge für die Fusion sollen noch im November vorgelegt werden. [...]

[EFF] Hardware Hacker, Anti-ACTA Activist, and Groundbreaking Anonymity Group Win EFF Pioneer Awards

EFF to Honor Andrew (bunnie) Huang, Jérémie Zimmermann, and the Tor Project at San Francisco Ceremony. [...]

[Ip-watch] Divergent Approaches To Copyright Reform Emerge In Europe

Two very different views of copyright reform emerged this week, one from a report commissioned by the UK government, the other from a French citizens’ advocacy group. […]

La Quadrature du Net’s Reasonable Alternative

Now that the European Parliament has rejected the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), it is time to consider a new copyright regulatory and policy framework suited to the digital era, French advocacy group La Quadrature du Net (LQDN) said in a 31 July paper.

[ZDNet] Let my Wi-Fi go: FCC rules Verizon can't charge for Wi-Fi tethering

In what may prove a landmark ruling, the FCC has stated that Verizon can no longer charge users for using their 4G devices as Wi-Fi hotspots. […]

The bottom line is that you will once more be able to freely share your Verizon 4G broadband connection over Wi-Fi with your other devices and your friends, co-workers, and family's devices. Verizon started closing the doors to tethering in the spring of 2011. Verizon wasn't the only carrier to tax users for using their bandwidth as they saw fit. AT&T had started charging tethering users earlier in 2011. […]

[News.CNet] Verizon to pay $1.25M FCC fine; forced to allow tethering apps

Verizon Wireless is no longer allowed to block apps that allow people to use their 4G LTE smartphones as Wi-Fi hotspots. And the carrier will pay the Federal Communications Commission a $1.25 million fine, the government agency said Tuesday. […]

Specifically, the agency's rules for this spectrum state that licensees offering service on C Block of 700 MHz spectrum "shall not deny, limit, or restrict the ability of their customers to use the devices and applications of their choice on the licensee's C Block network." […]

[Euobserver] Public consultation on 'net neutrality' to delay EU rules on ISPs

Plans for tighter EU rules on Internet service providers have been pushed back to 2013 after the European Commission this week launched a public consultation lasting until mid-October. […]

Following the release of the first BEREC report in May, Commissioner Kroes indicated that new EU guidelines would be released in 2012 claiming that the regulators had "provided the data I was looking for". However, the new consultation will last until mid-October with the Commission publishing proposals in early 2013.