Press review about Net Neutrality

[NYTimes] Limiting Data Use in Germany

The debate over “network neutrality,” the principle that all bits of digital information are created equal, has come home in a real way for millions of Germans. [...]

[TorrentFreak] Pirate Site Blocking Legislation Approved By Norwegian Parliament

Norway has moved an important – some say unstoppable – step towards legislative change that will enable the aggressive tackling of online copyright infringement. Proposed amendments to the Copyright Act, which will make it easier for rightsholders to monitor file-sharers and have sites such as The Pirate Bay blocked at the ISP level, received broad support in parliament this week and look almost certain to be passed into law. [...]

[Gizmodo] Which Tech Companies Protect Your Data From the Government?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation just released its annual "Who Has Your Back" report card, detailing the privacy policies of tech companies. Here's the rundown of who fights for your privacy in the face of government requests for your data—and who doesn't even bother. [...]

[TorrentFreak] PayPal Bans BitTorrent VPN / Proxy Service

After banning several of the largest file-hosting sites and Usenet providers, PayPal is now taking aim at a VPN/proxy service. The payment processor has just cut off the BitTorrent proxy provider GT Guard and frozen the company’s funds. In an email PayPal’s Brand Risk Management department explains that GT Guard’s affiliation with BitTorrent is the reason for the drastic actions. [...]

[Spiegel] Government Wary of Telekom Limits on Flat Rate DSL Access

German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom sparked controversy this week with plans to curtail flat-rate DSL speeds once certain data thresholds are reached. Customers, Internet advocates and the German government are all concerned. [...]

[ArsTechnica] Japanese police ask ISPs to start blocking Tor

Authorities in Japan are so worried about their inability to tackle cybercrime that they are asking the country's ISPs to block the use of Tor. [...]

[Giornalettismo] [ITA] La libertà della rete è in pericolo

La libertà della rete è in pericolo in Europa. 80 associazioni che si battono per i diritti digitali hanno lanciato un appello alla Commissione europea al fine di proteggere il bene più prezioso di internet, la sua neutralità. [...]

[ComputerWorlUK] European digital rights groups demand net neutrality protection

More than 80 European digital rights organisations on Wednesday called on the European Commission to do more to protect net neutrality. [...]

[ITWorld] EU digital rights groups demand net neutrality protection

More than 80 European digital rights organizations on Wednesday called on the European Commission to do more to protect net neutrality. [...]

The group said in an open letter to the Commission that operators across Europe are violating Internet neutrality particularly in the mobile sector, where they say there is evidence that companies including ISPs are "using technical measures for their own commercial interests and tampering with citizens' ability to access the Internet." [...]

[TorrentFreak] Pirate Bay Proxy Now Included in Secret ISP Blocklist

In the UK a range of sites are now blocked including The Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents, H33T and Fenopy. But despite very public High Court orders the true extent of the censorship is unknown as the actual URL blocking list is being kept out of the public eye. However, through an unexpected turn of events last week, TorrentFreak discovered that at least one independent domain not operated by any of the sites in question is also being censored. [...]

[RussiaToday] CISPA, stripped of privacy protections, heads for House vote

A controversial cybersecurity bill is one step closer to being added to the law books following a closed-door meeting between members of Congress on Wednesday. [...]

Now if the bill makes it all the way to the desk of US President Barack Obama, Americans will likely be subjected to having the personal information they provide to online businesses shared with the government’s top-secret spy agencies. [...]

[CNET] Privacy protections booted from CISPA data-sharing bill

Committee overwhelmingly votes down privacy amendments that would have curbed National Security Agency's access to private sector data. Now the bill heads to the House floor for a vote. [...]

Her privacy amendments would have "required that companies report cyber threat information directly to civilian agencies, and maintained the long-standing tradition that the military doesn't operate on U.S. soil against American citizens," Schakowsky said. [...]

[ArsTechnica] How a banner ad for H&R Block appeared on without Apple's OK

Robert Silvie returned to his parents' home for a Mardi Gras visit this year and immediately noticed something strange: common websites like those belonging to Apple, Walmart, Target, Bing, and eBay were displaying unusual ads. [...]

ISP-sanctioned ad injection directly into webpages—if that's what this is—has a long history, but it has been fairly rare to find it happening on pay connections in the US. [...]

[Computerworld] Judge awards class action status in privacy lawsuit vs. comScore

A federal court in Chicago this week granted class action status to a lawsuit accusing comScore, one of the Internet's largest user tracking firms, of secretly collecting and selling Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, passwords and other personal data collected from consumer systems. [...]

[Spiegel] Pseudo-Flatrates: Telekom erwägt DSL-Drosselung

Was im Mobilfunk die Regel ist, könnte jetzt auf Festnetzanschlüsse übertragen werden: Die Telekom plant angeblich eine Drosselung von DSL-Anschlüssen nach dem Erreichen eines bestimmten Datenvolumens. Dem Konzern scheint das nicht abwegig. [...]