Press review about Privacy - Personal Data

[NYTimes] France Broadens Its Surveillance Power

For all their indignation last summer, when the scope of the United States’ mass data collection began to be made public, the French are hardly innocents in the realm of electronic surveillance. Within days of the reports about the National Security Agency’s activities, it was revealed that French intelligence services operated a similar system, with similarly minimal oversight.

[NYTimes] Domestic Spying, French Style

On Wednesday, the French Senate voted to adopt a law giving government broad powers to monitor just about anything a person in France does on a cellphone or through an Internet connection. The timing of this move is troubling, given the French government’s outrage in October over revelations of spying on the French by the United States through the National Security Agency. […]

[BoingBoing] France's new surveillance law creates a police state

Jeremie from La Quadrature du Net writes, "France just turned into a surveillance state, adopting a sneaky surveillance framework in article 13 of its Defense Bill (Loi de programmation militaire). It drastically extends the exceptional regime of extra-judicial surveillance against terrorism, for broad motives, including for the purpose of 'preserving scientific and economic interests of France' which could enable total.surveillance of political activists, journalists, corporate watchdogs, etc." […]

[WashingtonPost] By cracking cellphone code, NSA has ability to decode private conversations

The cellphone encryption technology used most widely across the world can be easily defeated by the National Security Agency, an internal document shows, giving the agency the means to decode most of the billions of calls and texts that travel over public airwaves every day. [...]

[SCMagazineUK] France under-fire for new digital surveillance law

France is attracting widespread criticism after introducing a new law which allows the government to gather even more digital information than before.

The country's government has pushed through a new law that extends the scope of telecoms and internet surveillance by the state, even though it has since been heavily criticised by various authorities, including the country's data protection watchdog and the employers' federation.

[TheGuardian] French officials can monitor internet users in real time under new law

French intelligence and government officials will be able to spy on internet users in real time and without authorisation, under a law passed on Wednesday.

The legislation, which was approved almost unnoticed, will enable a wide range of public officials including police, gendarmes, intelligence and anti-terrorist agencies as well as several government ministries to monitor computer, tablet and smartphone use directly.

[RT] France mulls new internet spying powers

The French National Assembly has adopted a bill allowing the authorities to access and gather internet user data without judicial approval. The bill has been slammed by activists as going “against the principles of democracy.”

[Telerama] Glenn Greenwald : “I intend to publish Edward Snowden’s documents to the very last”

From the morros of Rio de Janeiro, Glenn Greenwald, 46, has been publishing his revelations on a daily basis for five months. The former lawyer and blogger turned combat journalist for The Guardian eventually became a media superstar. Edward Snowden, the former NSA analyst, provided him with the documents which help him reveal how the most secret of intelligence agency is spying on the world. [...]

[Boingboing] French bill to legalize bulk Internet spying moving through National Assembly

Jeremie from La Quadrature du Net writes, "Yesterday the 2014-2019 defense bill passed first reading in the French National Assembly. It marks a strong shift towards total online surveillance. If passed, the bill will not only allow live monitoring of everyone's personal and private data but also do so without judicial oversight, as the surveillance will be enabled through administrative request. The bill also turns permanent measures that were only temporary."

[WashingtonPost] NSA tracking cellphone locations worldwide, Snowden documents show

"The National Security Agency is gathering nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cellphones around the world, according to top-secret documents and interviews with U.S. intelligence officials, enabling the agency to track the movements of individuals — and map their relationships — in ways that would have been previously unimaginable."

[SpiegelOnline][de] Deutsche Beamte bremsen Europas Datenschutz aus

Die neue EU-Datenschutzverordnung droht sich um Jahre zu verzögern. Im Rat der Mitgliedstaaten geht kaum etwas voran. Vertrauliche Protokolle legen nahe, dass deutsche Spitzenbeamte die Reform verwässern und verzögern. [...]

Die große Reform droht an der letzten Hürde zu scheitern: Im Rat der Mitgliedstaaten herrsche "überall Blockade", berichten Insider. [...] "Viele hier haben den Eindruck, dass Deutschland die Verhandlungen bremst", sagt ein Teilnehmer der Rats-Arbeitsgruppe für die neue Datenschutzverordnung. [...]

[Reuters] Dutch privacy watchdog says Google breaks data law

Google's practice of combining personal data from its many different online services violates Dutch data protection law, the country's privacy watchdog said on Thursday after a seven-month investigation. [...]

The Dutch Data Protection Authority, or DPA, asked Google to attend a meeting to discuss its concerns, after which it would decide whether to take any action against the cloud services, Internet search and advertising giant, which could include fines. [...]

[PCAdvisor] EU net neutrality proposal threatens privacy, says data protection supervisor

The proposed European Union-wide net neutrality law would not protect citizens' rights to privacy, the European data protection supervisor said Friday.

[VoiceOfRussia] Microsoft, Google and Facebook deny giving NSA access to their servers

Microsoft, Google and Facebook managers denied giving the NSA or any government in the world direct or unfettered access to their servers, at the ninth NSA inquiry hearing on the mass surveillance of EU citizens held at Parliament on Monday. [...]