[ComputerWorldUK] Urgent: Please Help Save Net Neutrality in the EU

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Once again, we need to save net neutrality. This time, there is a crucial vote in the European Parliament’s industry committee (ITRE) next Monday. La Quadrature du Net, which has been following this area more closely than anyone, has a good summary of what is happening […]

As you can see, the central problem is still that of “specialised services” that would be given priority over other Internet traffic. Such “specialised services” are a way for telecoms companies to charge premium prices, but that necessarily implies that non-premium services are degraded in comparison (otherwise why would anyone pay more?) That, by definition, kills Net neutrality.

The good news is that we can concentrate on getting one key point across: that specialised services of this kind must not be allowed. Here’s the best way we can do that according to La Quadrature:
European citizens must tell the members of the Industry committee that the only deserving approach is to reject Mrs. Pilar del Castillo Vera’s so-called ”compromise amendments” and that they should adopt the same amendments to articles 2(15) and 23 as in the LIBE committee. To preserve the Internet’s contribution to innovation and freedom of communication, European law should clearly ban telecom operators from marketing specialised services that are functionally equivalent to online services delivered on the Internet, thereby bypassing Net neutrality. […]