[ComputerWorldUK] TTIP Update XII

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Glyn Moody’s analysis takes on investor-state dispute resolution mechanism (ISDS) included currently in the TAFTA/TTIP negotiations. “Not only does ISDS put corporations on the same level as nations, but it places ISDS tribunals above even the highest EU courts. That’s because either EU courts would be forced to make ISDS tribunal decisions part of EU law, or else the EU and its member states would find themselves sued by US investors in pro-corporate tribunals (and thus like to lose) even though the EU courts say they are in the right.”

“As a result, EU companies are guaranteed to get a bad deal: disadvantaged in the EU, but without corresponding advantages in the US, because the fast track authority bill explicitly forbids this happening. ISDS makes TTIP a completely one-sided, unfair deal for Europe, and is yet another reason why it should be removed from the negotiations completely.”