[EurActiv] Leaked document shows EU fear of inferiority in US trade talks

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A leaked document outlines the communication strategy the European Commission advises European Union member states to adopt in order to make the Transatlantic Trade Investment and Partnership (TTIP) agreement more palatable for citizens than it’s rejected precedent, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

“The aim is to define […] the debate by communicating positively about what the TTIP is about (i.e. economic gains and global leadership on trade issues), rather than being drawn reactively into defensive communication about what TTIP is not about (e.g. not about negotiating data privacy, not about lowering EU regulatory standards etc.),” the document reads.

Moreover, the document states that although some fears have been voiced that the EU has a weaker negotiating position than the United States of America, the message should be communicated that this is not the case.